FMP – proposal, bibliography and production schedule.


Rationale – 100-150 max;

Over the past 12 units I have learnt so many new skills and a new understanding of media and the industry especially working on the Tv studio unit in a professional environment and working with a team of people to produce a bigger production, over these units I have developed a passion for music videos and postproduction/editing.

Using these skills I have chosen to pursue a music video with features of the skills I have learnt over the course and Adventuring into new subjects such as visual effects and using green screen to improve the overall quality and professionalism of my final project.

Project concept – 200-250 max; Experimental music video

For this project i will be experimenting with visual effects and cutting them specifically to a song to create a different and interesting video, learning new skills in editing and branching into photography to help expand my project, I will be doing different test shots at different points in the project to evaluate what works best and to achieve the visual look I am planning for. I am hoping to produce a video that reflects upon the struggle many people suffer with different types of mental illness and the feeling of isolation and showing visually the merge between normal life and the feelings and emotions people cope with, I feel the song I have chosen also reflects on that and creates an atmosphere of thought among the viewer to view mental illness from a different point of view and to show the more truthful and ugly side, I will be using a focus group to analyse the way the music makes them feel and what feelings the visual aspects give them. My project concept is also to produce something diverse and unique for the audience to watch and engage with and to inspire them to open their minds to new concepts.

Evaluation – 50-100 max;

I will be evaluating my project as I go through all the stations of research, production and editing by writing weekly updates in my evaluation journal, looking into each piece of work and reflecting on the time management and looking into how it affected my production and If I would change things in the future to produce better workproduction schedule/action plan –

research resources/Bibliography

Production schedule –

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.21Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.31Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.38


FMP – production journal

week 1 –

Finishing my proposal and developing my idea to its full potential to make my research and planning easier this went well as I already had a rough idea of what I wanted to produce and could easily work that into a proposal.

week 2 –

Starting primary research and looking into my first practitioner and how they inspired me to create my idea such as the unique style of Dougal Wilson that inspired me to make a creative and experimental video.

week 3 –

Looking into my target audience this week really helped me to understand the audience I’m making my video for and having a smaller demographic helps to sharpen the focus on certain points in the video and to help me understand who is going to be viewing my content.

week 4 –

This week I started work on my pitch and discussing my idea with people to be able to show what I am working on and to finalise my idea as a presentation to my class, I feel the feedback on my idea will help and will make it easier for me to clearly produce the idea I want to make and to make sure its possible to produce.

week 5 –

This week its been really exciting to start shooting test shots and to experiment with the shots and angles I have planned to see which ones work, which ones don’t and to find new creative ones that would fit well with my production, looking through online editing tutorials has also helped to show me what shot types I would need to make certain editing techniques easier/possible.

~ Easter break ~

week 6 –
Looking into the last of my research i.e. legal and ethical work and budgeting my production was really helpful to ensure I could post my video safely without offending/upsetting anyone and to help me know any costs of filming in advance to help my shoot run smoothly.

week 7 –
I spent this week working on my preproduction paperwork to make sure my shoot was safe and my actress had consented to working with me, as I am shooting an experimental music video there is little paper work involved but I made sure i had all recce sheets, actor consent forms and risk assessments filled in so everything could move forward.

week 8 –
I worked closely with my actress this week to check the location of my production and to talk dates best for her to film and ensuring we had good weather for the mood of the film we wanted to shoot, this helped as we had a good idea of what we wanted to experiment with at the location beforehand.

week 9 –
Finally being able to film after many weeks of hard work and planning feels great and I can happily say the filming was perfect with lots of experimenting and so many different clips to work with makes it easy to edit with a lot of variety and not having to use bad shot or some of them again so all in all a successful filming session that went to plan.

week 10 –
As editing is my favourite part of the production process and after such a successful filming day I am so excited to get a rough edit of my video going with so much experimenting to do and I know my strengths and weaknesses in editing so that will help me to produce a clean cut and creative final film, also starting a rough edit of my evaluation to freshly look back on the different aspects of my project and what problems I have overcome/what new skills I have learnt.

week 11 –
As the final week is ending I am working on the final draft of my evaluation checking I have thoroughly discussed in detail every part of my production process, safely uploaded my project to social media and have looked through previous final major project work to ensure I have everything I need.

Ted talk – critical analysis

  1. Genre: Genre is a way of catergorising different styles of media. Genre is interesting because of the different views of what fits different genre catergories and the similarties between styles of media. I would like to research further into genre to look at the different characteristics of the styles of genre.
  2. Narrative: Narrative is the story and plot behind every media  style and can be represented in many different ways such as Todarovs theory and Propps narratvie theory, I would like to research into the different theories and how they shape different media styles because I find the different theories interesting and would like to compare media styles that use them.
  3. Representation: representation in media is important because it helps the audience understand the values behind the style of media and the narrative and can enhance the viewing if representation is clear and interesting throughout the narrative. I personally dont find representation interesting or a necessity for a good style of media work and some styles are actually more successful without much representation but it can make the style more boring if used incorrectly or over used.
  4. Audience: an audience is what a show or production is aimed at to give a specific topic a more clear outline of what they would like to put into their show/production to target a specific group of people and so people can view things more specifically targeted at them rather than just the general topic they are interested in.Regulation:
  5. Technology:Technology is a big part of media such as cameras, microphones, tripods and different stabilising equipment to help a production become more professional and cleanly produced such as using a tripod can help to steady a camera meaning the shots taken won’t be shaky and bad quality making the overall production better.
  6. Production/Distribution/Exhibition: There are many ways media can be distributed throughout social media such as youtube, vimo, twitter and can also be viewed on television and through art exhibitions to show case new and unique pieces of media, distributing media is important to get your productions viewed by the right audiences and to get publicity.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: Promoting media work is also important such as social media updates on the progress and release of new work, telling friends and colleagues who might be interesting in showing your pieces of work, bigger productions use television adverts and billboards/posters to promote productions before they are realised to encourage debates and discussions on the new production.



  • UpLoad: A technology show aimed at teens to test new gadgets and give reviews, About 20 minutes in length with tech segments outside of the studio and musical acts to end the show the target audience is mostly men aged 15-20, mostly students.

16298380_1334970233229029_1090223339698707073_nScreen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.09.46.png


  • A talk show similar to a league of their own with special guests and games as a more comical production show about 20 minutes also with 1 or 2 segments out of the studio with the target audience being both genders aged around 15-20 and students/part time working with a pale pink/white professional looking set.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.10.49.pngs0998190_sc7.jpegimages.jpeg


History of Sky 1:


Our Tv show is going to be shown at 9-9:30 on Sky 1 as there is content in the show that could offend or upset younger viewers.

Shows that view or have previously viewed on this time slot/channel

  • Jamestown
  • DC’s Legend of Tomorrow
  • Arrow
  • Supergirl
  • Modern Family

Sky 1 is often seen as a channel more for men than for families or younger viewers but shows like super girl and modern family are more family and teen friendly so I feel Upload would fit in nicely with Sky 1’s range of programmes.

Audiences interested in viewing sky 1 –

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.25.26



As a production group we have decided upon upload as our new show production, upload is a technology show based around our presenter walking us through the different aspects of the show starting with a guest musician, tech reviewing and a weather/news section with a co presenter, two out of studio segments trying out tech and student items and will finish with a guest interview with Matt Venn talking through his experience with youtube and his take on vlogging/other forms of youtube video. We are aiming to make our show 15-20 minutes in length and have picked out our colour scheme for the studio as blue and pink with mostly black studio furnishings to give a professional feel to the show and will have 2 inserts pre filmed by our sub team to insert into the programme when scheduled.

Target audience:

Our planned target audience for upload is –

  • Age – 15 – 21
  • Genre – Mostly young men
  • Socio-economic status – Grade E (Students, unemployed, casual worker)
  • Geo-Demographic – More local rather than urban or rural locations/viewers
  • Psychographic – Ultimately aimed at students ranging from college to university and occasionally including older high school students that are looking for something interesting and sometimes factual in the evening.



uploaded on a different blog post.


Final Video:



Our aims for the show were to create and produce a technology based show for teenagers and students to enjoy watching we successfully achieved that as a production team and many of our fellow college students enjoyed watching the show also.

The positive parts of the show were our presenter Charlie who worked well with guests and technical problems such as autocue and remained calm and professional on screen giving the show an overall professional feel. I also enjoyed the camera work and script as they were clean and to the point without much useless information or unnecessary shots or lines to fill the show.

We had some technical faults with pieces of equipment being tried out on the show but our visual team worked really well to deal with them and the floor manager talked Charlie through while everything was going on, we also had difficulty reaching our time of 20 minutes because of some segments taking less time than had been planned out so we all had to improvise the last seven minutes which ended up going pretty well.

Our show appealed to our target audience because we discussed current and exciting new things relevant to our specific audience and had people of similar age presenting and appearing on our show to interest our target audience with something familiar but new and exciting to them.

Personally I think I worked well as a sub team member helping produce clean and professional segments that fit the aesthetic of our show and worked well creatively with the team, as a camera person I followed instructions from the floor manager well to give the right shots at the right time throughout the show so we had full coverage of guests and tech and could use different angles to make it interesting.

I feel some members of our team could have participated more in the group and focused less on their own personal wants for the show instead of focusing on whats best for the show and what will help it run best, in future I would maybe have a stronger leader for directer to keep the group focused and on track and keep a detailed plan of the schedule to avoid mishaps in timing.

Unit 11 – progressions unit

for the first part of this unit we must complete a self audit for ourselves and set goals for the next parts of our life.

I will upload thes documents at the end of this post.

For the second part of this Unit we need to make a ucas account, pick 5 university choices to research and add to our ucas that would suit our needs.

Then research and find 2 work experience placements we would be interested in and write a short blog post about them.

1 apprenticeship that would be suitable for my needs and any other career progression routes that would be available.


for my university choices i have chosen

  • The university of Bristol
  • buckinghamshire uni
  • falmouth
  • ravensbourne
  • UAL


Work experience.

I applied for a work experience placement at love productions this is the email I sent:


my objective as a media student is to gain experience in all areas, specifically editing to progress on to properly working on a feature film.

RELEVENT EXPERIENCE: studied creative media production level 2 BTEC from 2014-2015

I am currently studying creative media production UAL level 3 from 2015-2017


Functional skills level 1 in english

Functional skills entry level 3 in maths

BTEC qualification in creative media production


DOB: 17/08/1998

Telephone: 07422 528058
03 station view, sampford courtenay, okehampton, devon, ex20 2sw


Research skills, my research skills are extreamely good and thorough with extensive time attention committed to the work/

willingness to learn within a classroom and proffesional work environment.

good teamwork skills in big or small groups but also able to work well with independent learning.


Music, all genres, i have a large interest in editing and producing music videos for both local musicians and my favourite artists.

feature films are an interest of mine and as i progress on this course i intend to fully explore all aspects of the feature film industry

and enter several of my own into local film festivals and hopefully some bigger ones.

new media and cinema are areas i would like to explore as i have an interest in them in general and have a passion for cinema and the latest media products.


from 2014-2014 (around four months) i worked at cafe @ castleham as a waitress

october 2015-2016 sign holder and retail assistent at the vintage store exeter.​​
2016 – current Starbucks Exeter and would also be applying for work experience here if I wasn’t choosing university.


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.44.35

Picture from my UCAS track showing my applications and offers.

Self audit –

Self Audit

What are your main strengths in Media?
– My main strengths in media are my creativity and editing skills, i also work well with other people and can take instruction well.

What are the main areas you need to work on?
– The main areas I need to work on are planning and structuring my project properly to have the best outcome from my work.

How ambitious are you? What does this mean to you?
– I try to be ambitious but realistic of my abilities to give me the chance to reach my goals while learning new skills.

How much do you know about applying to University? How confident are you about this process?
–  not much at all, only that you apply through Ucas but the process is complicated and we havent learnt anything about it but I feel university is a good choice for me personally so would like to learn more.

How much do you know about Apprenticeships? How confident are you about the application process for this?
– Little to nothing about apprenticeships, how they work or even how to search/apply for them although I don’t feel an apprenticeship would suit me very well and would prefer the university route.


What are your main work/ education goals for the next 12 months?
– To continue working hard at my part time job and to successfully complete my final year of Media studies and to have at least 2 university offers.

What are your main work/ education goals for the next 3 years?
– To defer my chosen university place to take a gap year to work/travel/volunteer abroad then to continue with my chosen university and start to plan my career after education.

Critical reflection –

This unit has enlightened me a lot about the different pathways after college and which one would suit me best, I personally feel it would suit me best to follow the university route even after looking into apprenticeships and work experience to see what I would enjoy most, as I enjoyed my college experience and was offered 2 places at university I feel this would be the best option for me.
I have chosen to take a gap year in between finishing college and starting university to work full time then travel/volunteer abroad and this unit has helped me to reach this decision and learn more about apprenticeships and university.

FMP – Final evaluation

My aims for my final major project were to create an experimental music video about the journey of a young girls psychotic breakdown and the view from the inside of her mental health rather than what everyone shows the world.

I feel I successfully achieved this using my research to improve and professionalise my production, learning new editing techniques and making a truly unique video with interesting and original content.

My target audience did enjoy my video and found it a unique and interesting take on music videos and psychotic breakdowns, I ran a focus group to get the opinions of my target audience and this is some of their comments

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.18

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.39

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.02.52

I came across some difficulties along the way such as finding actresses and researching different experimental videos to really try to inspire my own unique style into the video but i overcame these issues with the help of reliable actresses and testing new things/watching tutorials on different editing skills.

The more positive aspects of the video was achieving some editing skills I had been struggling with in past projects and really focusing on making a clean cut video and using my skills to the best of my ability really improved my video such as the effects I used to enhance the psychological feeling of being inside the actresses head helped to give the audience a different perspective of mental health and to see from another persons view. I feel I used many different shot types to help make the video interesting and worked with my actress to reach some great but difficult shots to make my video more professional.

The music I used really enhanced the visual quality and was one of the reasons it was such a success because of the unique tones that matched the video and gave it the desired effect to help the aesthetic quality of the video and make it perfect for my specific target audience, I felt using a more popular song with lyrics wouldn’t have given it the same effect and the same quality of video.

If I were to do things differently I would definitely like to work on more locations to give more shot variety and look into a POV scene of the video with different actresses working as one person to really show the effects of her psychotic breakdown.

Overall I feel this project is some of my best work currently and I am proud of overcoming the problems and learning so many new things within my research and the project itself.


FMP research – final evaluation

My research has helped me to personalise and improve my Final major project by helping me learn new skills and acquiring a specific audience to cater my project to.

I learnt new editing techniques to make my video unique and more professional, hired actresses and dealt with making a production on a small budget and my research helped me to produce a well planned out production and one of my best pieces yet.

Researching into my two practitioners Dougal Wilson and WoodKid really helped inspire me to be unique and creative with my video and to use different processes to create my final idea such as dougal wilson having a sketchbook for each separate production to guide him to the final idea he creates and WoodKid has his own unique style and aesthetic that his work stands out and gives a clear message and he also directs the videos for his own music productions.

If I could do anything differently I would definitely look into doing more test shots and sketch booking to really think outside of the box and give a clear message through my video and to give me a clear pathway to the perfect idea visually.

Focus group –

I think over all my project was a success my audience seemed to like it I’ve attached the following reviews of my project from a focus group i held.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.02.52Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.39Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.18