Unit 9 – Corporate Video – Analysis

For the first part of this unit we must analyse a range of corporate videos to help us fully understand the structure of corporate videos.

The three videos i have chosen to evaluate are linked below;


True start coffee are a coffee company founded by Helena and simon to produce a completely natural, ethically sourced coffee for sportspeople and trainers to give even caffeine boosts and a reliable energy boost to keep them fit and able to train.

They launched their company in 2015 and have had a corporate video made for them by SouthWestFilm.

The  video starts with upbeat music, impressive visual locations and the logo to promote the business, a catchy slogan to get you interested from the start, shows real people using the product and its genuine effects to really get in touch with the viewer, product placement is good as the packaging also promotes the brand and their best assists.

information about the product on screen but not too much or too distracting from the visual affects, lots of variations in the shots, showing one persons journey with the product and the positive affects of it.

As the video progresses the shot lengths and types seem to slow down as the music quickens which personally i feel doesn’t enhance the video, shows many different sports and the different ways it can be used to really show the diversity of the product.

Towards the end the visual side gets a bit repetitive and could make the viewer loose interest so this would have been a good time to have a bit more information on screen to keep the viewer connected with the purpose of the video.

The start and end shots are the same to really synchronise the video, overall was a clean and professional video that really showed the product and company well and kept the viewer interested throughout.




From the first frame there are lots of different things going on which is quite overwhelming and distracting the viewer, the bright colours however draw the viewer in to  the video and make it look welcoming, the logo is well placed and the music matches the visual and the pace of the shot changes.

The audio quality of the video isn’t great and comes across much louder than the previous music and the effect is quite unoriginal and cheesy, far too much information is given in the various interviews and too many interviewees that are unnecessary and makes the video too long which means the viewer looses interest.

Many unneeded bits like interviews with random people, quite repetitive information in the interviews and overall just not greatly thought through.

This video uses archive footage from past adverts of BT to really show the history of the company and to give a comfortable feel to the video, the voice over sounds pretty dull but the information is interesting throughout the video.

The whole video is well laid out and the backgrounds for interviews and cut away shots are clean and interesting to give the overall video a professional look.

The interviews arent too long but contain a lot of complex information that most viewers might struggle with, it is suited better for more technical people rather than the general public.


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