Ted Talk – researching marketing

We have been asked to research into a Tv show of our choice and to research in detail how they promote and advertise their product; We have chosen stranger things as it is current and has a lot of different advertising types.


TV advert:

As this show is screened on netflix their isn’t promotion on Tv but they do have a trailer promoting the show in all different companies and promoting netflix as a better way to view tv shows and movies.

Posters and billboards:

They have billboards posted in Australia and Canada and have a lot of artist drawn and official posters online for promotion and sales on all different social medias including promotion on the london tubes which helps attract a wide and varied audience.


Variety magazine feature an article about stranger things focusing on season 2 and the possibility of new cast members and who will be returning for another series.

The Huffington post also posted an article about the main plot of Stranger Things and a few theories about how we are supposed to interpret the storyline and the 80’s setting.

Glamour magazine talks in an article about how stranger things is an extremely popular series and talk about the storyline and character development for certain characters and the interesting and unconventional role types.

The daily mail wrote an interesting article about how stranger things has caused people to research and become interested in the actual possibility of parallel universes.

The Guardian write a lovely article about season 1 of stranger things in their Television section of their online site.


Unit 9 – corporate video – Client profile.

For the next part of this unit we had to correspond with our client and research into their target audience and meet them to understand what they are looking for from the video.

Target Audience Profile:

Dog play days audience looks more towards adults in full time work or travelling a lot that are looking for a place to have their dog be cared for and to gain socialisation.

Both genders would be happy to use this service although i observed from spending time there that a lot of females tend to be the ones communicating with Dog play days I.E dropping dogs off/collecting them and generally scheduling the dogs care so the video would be based more at women from that point of view.

The location of the dog care centre is on the outskirts of Exeter and is somewhat difficult to find/come across so my aim is to promote and educate people on where it is and that its location is more beneficial as it means more access to larger spaces for the dogs.

Communicating with my client:

as Many of my meetings with my client were face to face for a more personal approach to the video and as i knew her personally i don’t have much evidence of our discussions except several phone calls across many weeks to arrange dates and times and to discuss the video and our initial arrangement of making the video.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.56.57.png

but i have many photos of the location to help me visualise many good shots and get an overall feel for the atmosphere and the aesthetic I would want for the video.

My final video


Unit 9 -corporate video – Proposals.

For the third part of this unit we need to write up three proposals explaining what we can provide for our client and why this corporate video would aid their business and how it could help.


I feel that I could bring a new and updated look to the company, show their ongoing services and promote their new restaurants by using a corporate video to visually enhance their business and give information to help the customer learn and become interested in Wagamamas.


As starbucks are a very well known company I feel it would benefit them to have their brand and company represented and promoted to the best of my ability as they don’t have a very current and local corporate video and promoting their current projects and new stores would really benefit them as a business.

Dog Play Days:

Dog play days are a small company based in Exeter and as they are new to their location and don’t have a lot of promotion i thought a corporate video showing their customers and clients that they are a trusted business and so i chose to make a corporate video for them. This will help to give information about what Dog Play Days does and stands for as a business and promote them against similar more well known businesses in the area.

Unit 9 – corporate video – Clients

The next task is to locate three clients and research their business and evaluate why they would need a corporate video/new corporate video.

The three clients I have chosen are Starbucks, dog play days and Wagamamas.

                                              Wagamama_logo (2)


Wagamamas is a Japanese restaurant that specialises in ramen and other Japanese foods.

After researching into wagamamas online I analysed they had a corporate video produced a year ago but i feel as a chain of companies with a restaurant  in Exeter It would benefit their business in all their restaurants to have an updated corporate video to continue to promote their values and great food and service throughout their restaurants.

Wagamamas is a unique restaurant and their customers are usually couples between the ages of 20-30 and many tourists often enjoy the different selection of food so this corporate video would really benefit their online social media connections.


Starbucks;                                       images

An american based Coffee company.

As a barista at Starbucks I know the values and great service we provide and while Starbucks to have a corporate video it is outdated and in need of much improvement to truly show the journey starbucks has taken and the improvements along the years. I feel starbucks would really benefit from a new corporate video to enhance their business and give more promotion to the great stores all over the UK.

Starbucks customers can range from any ages, they are a family company serving many products to suit all, early opening hours ensure our customers needs are met at all times and the corporate video would really benefit in showing the customers how they can cater to all customers


Dog play days;

Dog play days is a dog day care centre based on the outskirts of Exeter and is a small business that ensured safety and fun for your dog with either day care services, grooming services or the overnight boarding services.

As a small business dog play days would really benefit from a corporate video to promote their great services on all their social media and show the environment for the audiences reassurement.

Dog play days are looking for the corporate video to reach dog owners and lovers to encourage them to consider their services against competition so this corporate video would really help to put the name on customers social media and to show the services in a brilliant and fun light.