Unit 9 – corporate video – Client profile.

For the next part of this unit we had to correspond with our client and research into their target audience and meet them to understand what they are looking for from the video.

Target Audience Profile:

Dog play days audience looks more towards adults in full time work or travelling a lot that are looking for a place to have their dog be cared for and to gain socialisation.

Both genders would be happy to use this service although i observed from spending time there that a lot of females tend to be the ones communicating with Dog play days I.E dropping dogs off/collecting them and generally scheduling the dogs care so the video would be based more at women from that point of view.

The location of the dog care centre is on the outskirts of Exeter and is somewhat difficult to find/come across so my aim is to promote and educate people on where it is and that its location is more beneficial as it means more access to larger spaces for the dogs.

Communicating with my client:

as Many of my meetings with my client were face to face for a more personal approach to the video and as i knew her personally i don’t have much evidence of our discussions except several phone calls across many weeks to arrange dates and times and to discuss the video and our initial arrangement of making the video.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 00.56.57.png

but i have many photos of the location to help me visualise many good shots and get an overall feel for the atmosphere and the aesthetic I would want for the video.

My final video



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