Unit 9 -corporate video – Proposals.

For the third part of this unit we need to write up three proposals explaining what we can provide for our client and why this corporate video would aid their business and how it could help.


I feel that I could bring a new and updated look to the company, show their ongoing services and promote their new restaurants by using a corporate video to visually enhance their business and give information to help the customer learn and become interested in Wagamamas.


As starbucks are a very well known company I feel it would benefit them to have their brand and company represented and promoted to the best of my ability as they don’t have a very current and local corporate video and promoting their current projects and new stores would really benefit them as a business.

Dog Play Days:

Dog play days are a small company based in Exeter and as they are new to their location and don’t have a lot of promotion i thought a corporate video showing their customers and clients that they are a trusted business and so i chose to make a corporate video for them. This will help to give information about what Dog Play Days does and stands for as a business and promote them against similar more well known businesses in the area.


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