Ted Talk – researching marketing

We have been asked to research into a Tv show of our choice and to research in detail how they promote and advertise their product; We have chosen stranger things as it is current and has a lot of different advertising types.


TV advert:

As this show is screened on netflix their isn’t promotion on Tv but they do have a trailer promoting the show in all different companies and promoting netflix as a better way to view tv shows and movies.

Posters and billboards:

They have billboards posted in Australia and Canada and have a lot of artist drawn and official posters online for promotion and sales on all different social medias including promotion on the london tubes which helps attract a wide and varied audience.


Variety magazine feature an article about stranger things focusing on season 2 and the possibility of new cast members and who will be returning for another series.

The Huffington post also posted an article about the main plot of Stranger Things and a few theories about how we are supposed to interpret the storyline and the 80’s setting.

Glamour magazine talks in an article about how stranger things is an extremely popular series and talk about the storyline and character development for certain characters and the interesting and unconventional role types.

The daily mail wrote an interesting article about how stranger things has caused people to research and become interested in the actual possibility of parallel universes.

The Guardian write a lovely article about season 1 of stranger things in their Television section of their online site.


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