ted talk

With my ted talk i have decided my chosen subject is the plot and character development of the tv series stranger things.
Stranger things is a tv series about an 80’s town where strange occurrences keep happening and the main cast, a group of kids who try to save their friend from being killed my a monster.
Although there is only one series of stranger things currently the special affects, plot and character development are interesting and a different twist on this generations stereotypical tv series production, i find the characters and plot interesting and will be focussing on looking deeper into the directors vision for the characters and their inspiration for the overall aesthetic of the series and research into the interesting conspiracy theories, i feel it is an interesting subject to talk about as it has a mix between current topics and a twist back to the 80’s life style and the diversity between generations.

I will be using a lot of internet based research as it has been a hit in many different countries and there are a wide range of articles and discussion boards, researching the director and producer and looking into their casting project and taking notes on episodes of the show to help me understand the idea of the show. i will also be looking at props character types and try and link them to how they develop from the start of the show. i want to find out about props life and how he made it to where he could theorise about characters .i will also research about the 80’s to see is the characters correctly match the era and to understand the directors choice for such a large amount of character development in the first season and their inspiration for each individual character and their background stories. It really interests me the detail put into each scene and details into the characters lives and the general research into the aesthetic of the show.

I expect to find a lot of different theories and understand their process for the careful casting and script detail and the process of how the show came together to have such detail in every aspect, looking into books about directing and the casting process and how you create the aesthetic look for each individual show. i wish to also find out how each show is made in detail and what research the producers do to make sure their show is accurate and makes sense. i also hope to look for other peoples research about propp and the show to see is my research compares to theirs, i also think this is a good thing to look for because it helps me realise things i wouldn’t have thought of myself.


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