Websites: focusing on johnathans character development and gives good and bad reviews of the shows development over season completely disagree with their view of winonas character development but an interesting view on the womans side of the show. interesting explanation of some of the plot holes and jumps in the non main characters development to fit into the short amount of episodes and for season 2 to make sense with less episodes to fully give the characters time to develop naturally. appreciation of the main cast consisting mainly of children and gives an interesting view on how children view themselves compared to an adults stereotypical view of children and their thought patterns. Also mentions the inspiration for the characters from many great 80’s movies. i would like to see some confident female characters that meet female stereotypes but are proud and like to still be themselves instead of another character feeling the need to be a tomboy to fit in with the main boy cast.

View story at looks into the sexuality of the characters and brings to light the importance of the show being people who are perceived to be “different” that come together and appreciate their differences and that people watching can relate to that, rather than trying to relate to their sexuality or gender. interesting reviews of the characters individually and talks about personality traits you wouldn’t usually value in a character. characters own opinion on his character development and possible overall plot development in the second series. interesting take on the characters and how the plot does seem to have a lot of useless content and the emotions of some of the characters become tiresome.

10 new york stranger things panel answers a lot of the popular questions involving the characters and season 2.

11 fan theories about els character development along with the demigorgon (them being one and the same)

12 theory that will has similar powers to 11, discuss the idea of will possibly being 11’s twin???


14 Focusing on 80’s movies that inspire stranger things characters and their development

15 duffer brothers quote


16 media studies book


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