Unit 9 – Corporate Video – Feedback

After showing my client the finalised video I asked for feedback. It was through Facebook, which I feel is slightly unprofessional but I know my client personally so we felt this was appropriate.Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 18.23.16.png

I feel like I didn’t get much of a response from my client, however she has responded fairly positively in the response I did get.

In my opinion, I feel like the video I created really suited the client and her business. The only issue I had with the video was the voice over, due to the tone of voice of my client. I used a lot of techniques to brighten the videos I captured, due to the actual footage being quite dark.

I feel my video is definitely fit for purpose, as it explains what happens within the business and also provides a visual representation for the audience.

The client was happy with the video I created for her, however she wasn’t comfortable with her voice being featured throughout the video.

I’m not certain as to whether or not she’ll use my video due to her lack of confidence with me using her voice, so I may either put the information into text, or get someone else to record what my client says in the video, as it’s great information.

The only improvement I can see to fix is simply the voice over, as it lacks emotion throughout and portrays a lack of confidence and that doesn’t show the company in the best light. If I sorted that out, which I plan on doing, I feel my corporate video would be perfect for my client’s website.


Personal Evaluation:

I feel like overall, my behaviour and communication was fairly professional, however I feel the platform we used to communicate, Facebook, was lacking in professionalism when taking the situation into consideration. I did enjoy working freelance as I didn’t have to worry about letting anyone but myself down, and I really enjoyed working to my own schedule and being fairly one-on-one with my client. My client gave me a lot of leeway when it came to the video, and it gave me a chance to express the sort of look I felt was right for the business whilst still making sure all was okay with the client.


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