Ted talk – script

Ted talk slide 1:
On slide – Narratology of stranger things
Script – Hiya, my ted talk today is about narratology in the popular series Stranger things.
Narratology is the specific study of narrative and narrative structure.

on slide 2 – short description of stranger things
script -Stranger Things is a Netflix original popular series created by the Duffer brothers and is set in the 80’s which brings to light a lot of controversial topics and gives a new perspective on the plot development compared to other similar series.

slide 3 – intertextuality and non linear narrative
Script – Stranger things uses non linear narrative and works extremely well with many different concepts involved in the overall plot while also having an easy story to follow throughout. It uses intertextuality with symbolism and references to 80’s films and many inspirations such as Steven Spielberg and Wes Craven. Using many similar shots from films such as Stand By Me, Alien, Nightmare On Elm Street and The Goonies.

Slide 4 Movie references to stranger things.
Script – Now heres a video showing all of the intertextuality and references that inspired the series.

Slide 5 – props narrative theory list
Script – talk them all through then move onto slide 6

Slide 6- stranger things characters relating to props theory
script – talk through them all and why

Slide 7 – a quote from shawn levy
Script – A lot has been said about our show’s style, genre elements, and cinematic references, but what makes the Duffers special is that they service all these things while keeping the show consistently rooted in character.

slide 8 feminine roles
Script – Stranger things has had many controversial reviews on the feminine characters and their development which is mostly to enhance the male characters actions or to push the plot forward rather than to enhance and develop their characteristics of the female roles despite them seeming to have key roles throughout the series. Joyce byers who plays the role of a grieving mother seems to only be used as a prop character to bring the other sides of the multi stranded narrative together without any character development of her personal character and without showing any initiative other than to captivate the audience towards the other main characters. They also use nancy as a plot enhancement and to join together the multi strands of media with the love triangle formed between her and two other characters which only focuses on their character development instead of her as an important character.

Slide 9 – multi stranded narrative – many different narratives that link together throughout the series
Script -Stranger things has an impressive multi stranded narrative that leaves a lot of theories and anticipation for the second series they bring some of the smaller strands of narrative together to collectively help the audience comprehend some of the symbolism that can be missed with many multi stranded narrative shows and has intelligently used the different narratives to give many different textures of story therefore not giving the audience the same tired narrative threads.


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