FMP – Final evaluation

My aims for my final major project were to create an experimental music video about the journey of a young girls psychotic breakdown and the view from the inside of her mental health rather than what everyone shows the world.

I feel I successfully achieved this using my research to improve and professionalise my production, learning new editing techniques and making a truly unique video with interesting and original content.

My target audience did enjoy my video and found it a unique and interesting take on music videos and psychotic breakdowns, I ran a focus group to get the opinions of my target audience and this is some of their comments

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.18

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.01.39

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 16.02.52

I came across some difficulties along the way such as finding actresses and researching different experimental videos to really try to inspire my own unique style into the video but i overcame these issues with the help of reliable actresses and testing new things/watching tutorials on different editing skills.

The more positive aspects of the video was achieving some editing skills I had been struggling with in past projects and really focusing on making a clean cut video and using my skills to the best of my ability really improved my video such as the effects I used to enhance the psychological feeling of being inside the actresses head helped to give the audience a different perspective of mental health and to see from another persons view. I feel I used many different shot types to help make the video interesting and worked with my actress to reach some great but difficult shots to make my video more professional.

The music I used really enhanced the visual quality and was one of the reasons it was such a success because of the unique tones that matched the video and gave it the desired effect to help the aesthetic quality of the video and make it perfect for my specific target audience, I felt using a more popular song with lyrics wouldn’t have given it the same effect and the same quality of video.

If I were to do things differently I would definitely like to work on more locations to give more shot variety and look into a POV scene of the video with different actresses working as one person to really show the effects of her psychotic breakdown.

Overall I feel this project is some of my best work currently and I am proud of overcoming the problems and learning so many new things within my research and the project itself.



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