FMP – Practitioner

Practitioner – dougal wilson

He specialises in music videos and commercials and is one of the top music video directors in the UK.

I was inspired by dougal wilsons work because he thinks outside the box and is always trying new things and getting the best footage to work with.

He is best known for his work on IKEA adverts, Heinz, Lurpak and most famously John Lewis.

Dougal wilson works closely with blink productions for a lot of his work and speaks in an interview about how he came to work on the popular John Lewis adverts.

Dougal has a unique creative process which is interesting, he has a sketchbook for each individual idea and uses that to create the final piece, Most of the work doesnt make it to his final productions but can almost lead him to the exact idea he has been looking to create and each sketchbook is different and has lead him to the successful career he has now.

He started out making creative and unique videos for creative musicians such as Jarvis Cocker, Dizzee Rascal and Bat For Lashes, The Bat for lashes video inspired me to think outside the box and really be creative, make people stop and think about what the video meant and the idea behind it.

Bat For Lashes


Practitioner – Yoann Lemoine (WoodKid)

My second practitioner that inspired me to make my video is WoodKid.

Woodkid was born in Poland in 1983 named Yoann Lemoine but uses Woodkid as a professional name to show his transition from childhood to adulthood he says in an interview with interview magazine.

Woodkid is a music video directer that has worked with big names such as Lana Del Ray, Rihanna, and Drake.

He is also a musician alongside directing and seems to enjoy many different artistic endeavours which is what drew me to him and his work.

He likes to use a strong narrative in his work and show real vision through the imagery he shoots.

Pigionsandplanes quoted in an interview with woodkid “In mixing the grandiose with the intimate and personal, he has created a recognizable visual aesthetic, to accompany his rich, sweeping, orchestral collection of music. As a creative who is involved in numerous artistic ventures, and who has a very singular vision for his art, Yoann Lemoine is a fascinating man to talk to.”

Even within his own musical work his visual style resonates throughout with its unique scenes, atmosphere and representation of all his creative work.

Heres a link to his own video directed by WoodKid himself.



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