FMP research – legal and ethical


issues are big within media and music video making, using other peoples footage, ideas or paperwork is classed as plagerisation.
Using offensive or indecent clips when making your music video comes under the ethical side of making music videos, if you are screening your music video on youtube there are guidlines on nudity or indecent storylines, if they do not cross the line of pornography and do not contain indecent child images they are given an age ristriction and only accounts with the user over a certain age may view them. Youtube has strict laws on violent and gory scenes being screened on their site, they ask people uploading these types of videos to give as much information as they can about the visual content to ensure viewers understand why they may be seeing these things, they do not allow gory and violent scenes only made to shock or scare veiwers to be uploaded and would be taken down if not given with relevent information about the video.
Certain films and tv series dipict violent scenes, if these are posted with the correct information they will be allowed to be viewed on youtube but with an age ristriction so younger viewers cannot access them.
Vimeo has much the same laws but doesnt use age ristrictions so as long as they nudity or dipicted violence is used within reason and in an artistic way your video will not be removed.
For your music video to be screened by the BBC you must pass all ofcom regulations within the guidlines for showing age rated videos after 10pm and keeping violence and sexual content to a minimum.


The BBFC (british board of film classification) control what visual content is shown online and what age limits are set to protect young people against seeing violence, sexual behaviour or drug misuse. Both vevo and youtube work with the BBFC to submit any video from major labels that might need a rating of at least 12 and the BBFC will assess the video and give an appropriate rating to protect future viewers.

Here they talk about what makes a video 12 or above and why.

I believe my video would come under a rating of PG because there is no verbal suggestive material or anything visually violent or of a sexual nature that could offend or upset young viewers.


Censorship is mainly viewed for music videos shown on television and mostly viewed on MTV. There has been many debates since MTV started in 1981 about their censorship being too sensitive and censoring/banning too many videos from the channel.

MTV are in control of what is banned/censored based on the lyrics and visual content of the video and also can remove or change the times these videos are played based on the nature of the content such as suggestive lyrics and images would be moved to the late night viewings but raciest, sexist and suicidal encouragement would get a video banned from the channel.


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