Unit 11 – progressions unit

for the first part of this unit we must complete a self audit for ourselves and set goals for the next parts of our life.

I will upload thes documents at the end of this post.

For the second part of this Unit we need to make a ucas account, pick 5 university choices to research and add to our ucas that would suit our needs.

Then research and find 2 work experience placements we would be interested in and write a short blog post about them.

1 apprenticeship that would be suitable for my needs and any other career progression routes that would be available.


for my university choices i have chosen

  • The university of Bristol
  • buckinghamshire uni
  • falmouth
  • ravensbourne
  • UAL



Work experience.

I applied for a work experience placement at love productions this is the email I sent:


my objective as a media student is to gain experience in all areas, specifically editing to progress on to properly working on a feature film.

RELEVENT EXPERIENCE: studied creative media production level 2 BTEC from 2014-2015

I am currently studying creative media production UAL level 3 from 2015-2017


Functional skills level 1 in english

Functional skills entry level 3 in maths

BTEC qualification in creative media production

Email: rubycamer0n1@gmail.com

DOB: 17/08/1998

Telephone: 07422 528058
03 station view, sampford courtenay, okehampton, devon, ex20 2sw


Research skills, my research skills are extreamely good and thorough with extensive time attention committed to the work/

willingness to learn within a classroom and proffesional work environment.

good teamwork skills in big or small groups but also able to work well with independent learning.


Music, all genres, i have a large interest in editing and producing music videos for both local musicians and my favourite artists.

feature films are an interest of mine and as i progress on this course i intend to fully explore all aspects of the feature film industry

and enter several of my own into local film festivals and hopefully some bigger ones.

new media and cinema are areas i would like to explore as i have an interest in them in general and have a passion for cinema and the latest media products.


from 2014-2014 (around four months) i worked at cafe @ castleham as a waitress

october 2015-2016 sign holder and retail assistent at the vintage store exeter.​​
2016 – current Starbucks Exeter

http://fhflondon.co.uk and would also be applying for work experience here if I wasn’t choosing university.


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.44.35

Picture from my UCAS track showing my applications and offers.

Self audit –

Self Audit

What are your main strengths in Media?
– My main strengths in media are my creativity and editing skills, i also work well with other people and can take instruction well.

What are the main areas you need to work on?
– The main areas I need to work on are planning and structuring my project properly to have the best outcome from my work.

How ambitious are you? What does this mean to you?
– I try to be ambitious but realistic of my abilities to give me the chance to reach my goals while learning new skills.

How much do you know about applying to University? How confident are you about this process?
–  not much at all, only that you apply through Ucas but the process is complicated and we havent learnt anything about it but I feel university is a good choice for me personally so would like to learn more.

How much do you know about Apprenticeships? How confident are you about the application process for this?
– Little to nothing about apprenticeships, how they work or even how to search/apply for them although I don’t feel an apprenticeship would suit me very well and would prefer the university route.


What are your main work/ education goals for the next 12 months?
– To continue working hard at my part time job and to successfully complete my final year of Media studies and to have at least 2 university offers.

What are your main work/ education goals for the next 3 years?
– To defer my chosen university place to take a gap year to work/travel/volunteer abroad then to continue with my chosen university and start to plan my career after education.

Critical reflection –

This unit has enlightened me a lot about the different pathways after college and which one would suit me best, I personally feel it would suit me best to follow the university route even after looking into apprenticeships and work experience to see what I would enjoy most, as I enjoyed my college experience and was offered 2 places at university I feel this would be the best option for me.
I have chosen to take a gap year in between finishing college and starting university to work full time then travel/volunteer abroad and this unit has helped me to reach this decision and learn more about apprenticeships and university.


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