Ted talk – critical analysis

  1. Genre: Genre is a way of catergorising different styles of media. Genre is interesting because of the different views of what fits different genre catergories and the similarties between styles of media. I would like to research further into genre to look at the different characteristics of the styles of genre.
  2. Narrative: Narrative is the story and plot behind every media  style and can be represented in many different ways such as Todarovs theory and Propps narratvie theory, I would like to research into the different theories and how they shape different media styles because I find the different theories interesting and would like to compare media styles that use them.
  3. Representation: representation in media is important because it helps the audience understand the values behind the style of media and the narrative and can enhance the viewing if representation is clear and interesting throughout the narrative. I personally dont find representation interesting or a necessity for a good style of media work and some styles are actually more successful without much representation but it can make the style more boring if used incorrectly or over used.
  4. Audience: an audience is what a show or production is aimed at to give a specific topic a more clear outline of what they would like to put into their show/production to target a specific group of people and so people can view things more specifically targeted at them rather than just the general topic they are interested in.Regulation:
  5. Technology:Technology is a big part of media such as cameras, microphones, tripods and different stabilising equipment to help a production become more professional and cleanly produced such as using a tripod can help to steady a camera meaning the shots taken won’t be shaky and bad quality making the overall production better.
  6. Production/Distribution/Exhibition: There are many ways media can be distributed throughout social media such as youtube, vimo, twitter and can also be viewed on television and through art exhibitions to show case new and unique pieces of media, distributing media is important to get your productions viewed by the right audiences and to get publicity.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: Promoting media work is also important such as social media updates on the progress and release of new work, telling friends and colleagues who might be interesting in showing your pieces of work, bigger productions use television adverts and billboards/posters to promote productions before they are realised to encourage debates and discussions on the new production.

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