• UpLoad: A technology show aimed at teens to test new gadgets and give reviews, About 20 minutes in length with tech segments outside of the studio and musical acts to end the show the target audience is mostly men aged 15-20, mostly students.

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  • A talk show similar to a league of their own with special guests and games as a more comical production show about 20 minutes also with 1 or 2 segments out of the studio with the target audience being both genders aged around 15-20 and students/part time working with a pale pink/white professional looking set.

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History of Sky 1:


Our Tv show is going to be shown at 9-9:30 on Sky 1 as there is content in the show that could offend or upset younger viewers.

Shows that view or have previously viewed on this time slot/channel

  • Jamestown
  • DC’s Legend of Tomorrow
  • Arrow
  • Supergirl
  • Modern Family

Sky 1 is often seen as a channel more for men than for families or younger viewers but shows like super girl and modern family are more family and teen friendly so I feel Upload would fit in nicely with Sky 1’s range of programmes.

Audiences interested in viewing sky 1 –

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 20.25.26



As a production group we have decided upon upload as our new show production, upload is a technology show based around our presenter walking us through the different aspects of the show starting with a guest musician, tech reviewing and a weather/news section with a co presenter, two out of studio segments trying out tech and student items and will finish with a guest interview with Matt Venn talking through his experience with youtube and his take on vlogging/other forms of youtube video. We are aiming to make our show 15-20 minutes in length and have picked out our colour scheme for the studio as blue and pink with mostly black studio furnishings to give a professional feel to the show and will have 2 inserts pre filmed by our sub team to insert into the programme when scheduled.

Target audience:

Our planned target audience for upload is –

  • Age – 15 – 21
  • Genre – Mostly young men
  • Socio-economic status – Grade E (Students, unemployed, casual worker)
  • Geo-Demographic – More local rather than urban or rural locations/viewers
  • Psychographic – Ultimately aimed at students ranging from college to university and occasionally including older high school students that are looking for something interesting and sometimes factual in the evening.



uploaded on a different blog post.


Final Video:



Our aims for the show were to create and produce a technology based show for teenagers and students to enjoy watching we successfully achieved that as a production team and many of our fellow college students enjoyed watching the show also.

The positive parts of the show were our presenter Charlie who worked well with guests and technical problems such as autocue and remained calm and professional on screen giving the show an overall professional feel. I also enjoyed the camera work and script as they were clean and to the point without much useless information or unnecessary shots or lines to fill the show.

We had some technical faults with pieces of equipment being tried out on the show but our visual team worked really well to deal with them and the floor manager talked Charlie through while everything was going on, we also had difficulty reaching our time of 20 minutes because of some segments taking less time than had been planned out so we all had to improvise the last seven minutes which ended up going pretty well.

Our show appealed to our target audience because we discussed current and exciting new things relevant to our specific audience and had people of similar age presenting and appearing on our show to interest our target audience with something familiar but new and exciting to them.

Personally I think I worked well as a sub team member helping produce clean and professional segments that fit the aesthetic of our show and worked well creatively with the team, as a camera person I followed instructions from the floor manager well to give the right shots at the right time throughout the show so we had full coverage of guests and tech and could use different angles to make it interesting.

I feel some members of our team could have participated more in the group and focused less on their own personal wants for the show instead of focusing on whats best for the show and what will help it run best, in future I would maybe have a stronger leader for directer to keep the group focused and on track and keep a detailed plan of the schedule to avoid mishaps in timing.


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