FMP – production journal

week 1 –

Finishing my proposal and developing my idea to its full potential to make my research and planning easier this went well as I already had a rough idea of what I wanted to produce and could easily work that into a proposal.

week 2 –

Starting primary research and looking into my first practitioner and how they inspired me to create my idea such as the unique style of Dougal Wilson that inspired me to make a creative and experimental video.

week 3 –

Looking into my target audience this week really helped me to understand the audience I’m making my video for and having a smaller demographic helps to sharpen the focus on certain points in the video and to help me understand who is going to be viewing my content.

week 4 –

This week I started work on my pitch and discussing my idea with people to be able to show what I am working on and to finalise my idea as a presentation to my class, I feel the feedback on my idea will help and will make it easier for me to clearly produce the idea I want to make and to make sure its possible to produce.

week 5 –

This week its been really exciting to start shooting test shots and to experiment with the shots and angles I have planned to see which ones work, which ones don’t and to find new creative ones that would fit well with my production, looking through online editing tutorials has also helped to show me what shot types I would need to make certain editing techniques easier/possible.

~ Easter break ~

week 6 –
Looking into the last of my research i.e. legal and ethical work and budgeting my production was really helpful to ensure I could post my video safely without offending/upsetting anyone and to help me know any costs of filming in advance to help my shoot run smoothly.

week 7 –
I spent this week working on my preproduction paperwork to make sure my shoot was safe and my actress had consented to working with me, as I am shooting an experimental music video there is little paper work involved but I made sure i had all recce sheets, actor consent forms and risk assessments filled in so everything could move forward.

week 8 –
I worked closely with my actress this week to check the location of my production and to talk dates best for her to film and ensuring we had good weather for the mood of the film we wanted to shoot, this helped as we had a good idea of what we wanted to experiment with at the location beforehand.

week 9 –
Finally being able to film after many weeks of hard work and planning feels great and I can happily say the filming was perfect with lots of experimenting and so many different clips to work with makes it easy to edit with a lot of variety and not having to use bad shot or some of them again so all in all a successful filming session that went to plan.

week 10 –
As editing is my favourite part of the production process and after such a successful filming day I am so excited to get a rough edit of my video going with so much experimenting to do and I know my strengths and weaknesses in editing so that will help me to produce a clean cut and creative final film, also starting a rough edit of my evaluation to freshly look back on the different aspects of my project and what problems I have overcome/what new skills I have learnt.

week 11 –
As the final week is ending I am working on the final draft of my evaluation checking I have thoroughly discussed in detail every part of my production process, safely uploaded my project to social media and have looked through previous final major project work to ensure I have everything I need.


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