FMP – proposal, bibliography and production schedule.


Rationale – 100-150 max;

Over the past 12 units I have learnt so many new skills and a new understanding of media and the industry especially working on the Tv studio unit in a professional environment and working with a team of people to produce a bigger production, over these units I have developed a passion for music videos and postproduction/editing.

Using these skills I have chosen to pursue a music video with features of the skills I have learnt over the course and Adventuring into new subjects such as visual effects and using green screen to improve the overall quality and professionalism of my final project.

Project concept – 200-250 max; Experimental music video

For this project i will be experimenting with visual effects and cutting them specifically to a song to create a different and interesting video, learning new skills in editing and branching into photography to help expand my project, I will be doing different test shots at different points in the project to evaluate what works best and to achieve the visual look I am planning for. I am hoping to produce a video that reflects upon the struggle many people suffer with different types of mental illness and the feeling of isolation and showing visually the merge between normal life and the feelings and emotions people cope with, I feel the song I have chosen also reflects on that and creates an atmosphere of thought among the viewer to view mental illness from a different point of view and to show the more truthful and ugly side, I will be using a focus group to analyse the way the music makes them feel and what feelings the visual aspects give them. My project concept is also to produce something diverse and unique for the audience to watch and engage with and to inspire them to open their minds to new concepts.

Evaluation – 50-100 max;

I will be evaluating my project as I go through all the stations of research, production and editing by writing weekly updates in my evaluation journal, looking into each piece of work and reflecting on the time management and looking into how it affected my production and If I would change things in the future to produce better workproduction schedule/action plan –

research resources/Bibliography

Production schedule –

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.21Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.31Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 16.22.38


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