FMP research – test shots

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FMP research – legal and ethical


issues are big within media and music video making, using other peoples footage, ideas or paperwork is classed as plagerisation.
Using offensive or indecent clips when making your music video comes under the ethical side of making music videos, if you are screening your music video on youtube there are guidlines on nudity or indecent storylines, if they do not cross the line of pornography and do not contain indecent child images they are given an age ristriction and only accounts with the user over a certain age may view them. Youtube has strict laws on violent and gory scenes being screened on their site, they ask people uploading these types of videos to give as much information as they can about the visual content to ensure viewers understand why they may be seeing these things, they do not allow gory and violent scenes only made to shock or scare veiwers to be uploaded and would be taken down if not given with relevent information about the video.
Certain films and tv series dipict violent scenes, if these are posted with the correct information they will be allowed to be viewed on youtube but with an age ristriction so younger viewers cannot access them.
Vimeo has much the same laws but doesnt use age ristrictions so as long as they nudity or dipicted violence is used within reason and in an artistic way your video will not be removed.
For your music video to be screened by the BBC you must pass all ofcom regulations within the guidlines for showing age rated videos after 10pm and keeping violence and sexual content to a minimum.


The BBFC (british board of film classification) control what visual content is shown online and what age limits are set to protect young people against seeing violence, sexual behaviour or drug misuse. Both vevo and youtube work with the BBFC to submit any video from major labels that might need a rating of at least 12 and the BBFC will assess the video and give an appropriate rating to protect future viewers.

Here they talk about what makes a video 12 or above and why.

I believe my video would come under a rating of PG because there is no verbal suggestive material or anything visually violent or of a sexual nature that could offend or upset young viewers.


Censorship is mainly viewed for music videos shown on television and mostly viewed on MTV. There has been many debates since MTV started in 1981 about their censorship being too sensitive and censoring/banning too many videos from the channel.

MTV are in control of what is banned/censored based on the lyrics and visual content of the video and also can remove or change the times these videos are played based on the nature of the content such as suggestive lyrics and images would be moved to the late night viewings but raciest, sexist and suicidal encouragement would get a video banned from the channel.

FMP research – target audience

My target audience for my experimental music video is aimed at mostly women, aged 17-25 because they are most interested in experimental music videos and are more likely to be interested and enjoy my video.

socio-economic group – D/E students, part time workers, unskilled workers as it is a student made film and looks into issues with young adults they are more likely to want to view this content.
Geo demographics – world-wide as it doesn’t reach out to a specific race or group of people and can be viewed across the world I would say people from anywhere could be interested.
psychographics – Reformers/Strugglers As this video shows issues such as mental health and a unique view of it reformers/strugglers could relate to this from their point of view or people around them therefore enjoying it.

FMP – Practitioner

Practitioner – dougal wilson

He specialises in music videos and commercials and is one of the top music video directors in the UK.

I was inspired by dougal wilsons work because he thinks outside the box and is always trying new things and getting the best footage to work with.

He is best known for his work on IKEA adverts, Heinz, Lurpak and most famously John Lewis.

Dougal wilson works closely with blink productions for a lot of his work and speaks in an interview about how he came to work on the popular John Lewis adverts.

Dougal has a unique creative process which is interesting, he has a sketchbook for each individual idea and uses that to create the final piece, Most of the work doesnt make it to his final productions but can almost lead him to the exact idea he has been looking to create and each sketchbook is different and has lead him to the successful career he has now.

He started out making creative and unique videos for creative musicians such as Jarvis Cocker, Dizzee Rascal and Bat For Lashes, The Bat for lashes video inspired me to think outside the box and really be creative, make people stop and think about what the video meant and the idea behind it.

Bat For Lashes


Practitioner – Yoann Lemoine (WoodKid)

My second practitioner that inspired me to make my video is WoodKid.

Woodkid was born in Poland in 1983 named Yoann Lemoine but uses Woodkid as a professional name to show his transition from childhood to adulthood he says in an interview with interview magazine.

Woodkid is a music video directer that has worked with big names such as Lana Del Ray, Rihanna, and Drake.

He is also a musician alongside directing and seems to enjoy many different artistic endeavours which is what drew me to him and his work.

He likes to use a strong narrative in his work and show real vision through the imagery he shoots.

Pigionsandplanes quoted in an interview with woodkid “In mixing the grandiose with the intimate and personal, he has created a recognizable visual aesthetic, to accompany his rich, sweeping, orchestral collection of music. As a creative who is involved in numerous artistic ventures, and who has a very singular vision for his art, Yoann Lemoine is a fascinating man to talk to.”

Even within his own musical work his visual style resonates throughout with its unique scenes, atmosphere and representation of all his creative work.

Heres a link to his own video directed by WoodKid himself.


FMP – competition

Looking at similar artists on YouGov I can get a rough idea of what my competition would be like and can see who would be most competition for my experimental music video.

Bat for lashes:

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 15.28.18.png

Bat for lashes – whats a girl to do video


Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 15.30.34

Alt-J  – breeze blocks video

PJ Harvey

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 15.34.57.png

PJ Harvey – down by the water

These artists all have similar demographics and use experimental factors in their video so would be competition for my experimental video.



FMP – budget

As i am doing an experimental music video the budget for the production will be quite low because I don’t need many resources such as expensive equipment, location traveling and actors.



Looking into what equipment is available to hire in real life gives me a realistic idea of my budget and what it would cost if i was to personally produce a video without the access to college equipment and other necessary parts of production.

The phoenix hire out cameras so for the average production you would need a three day hire;

You can hire out several different cameras according to your budget for filming I personally would use a CANON HF10 HD and would need it for 2-3 days costing around £54 adding that to my budget makes it more realistic than just the cost of travel.

Progressions unit – personal statement

From a young age i have always had a passion and fascination for all the different aspects of media and have enjoyed fully exploring and learning many new skills throughout my three years studying media at Exeter College.
As a home Educated student up until college level i had the freedom to explore and be creative with subjects i am most interested in, for me media really stood out and i involved myself in many projects to learn new skills with arts and photography courses throughout my teenage years.
When coming to college i was set on media and have thoroughly enjoyed the courses i have studied and had no doubt in carrying on my media journey into university level studies.
My main passion is for post production work as i mainly focus on producing music videos with mostly working on the editing of my productions because my goal is to finish university while doing internship work for small production companies, working on my skills and using my qualifications to gain a high level media job then become a freelance artist in the later years of my career and look into creating my own media production company to help young and talented people promote their work and gain skills and experience through working and creating projects in a creative and professional environment.
I have gained many skills and achievements over the years as a home educated student and in my college education such as becoming student representative of my class, being a member of the girl guide association for many years gaining leadership skills and working within a team and has encouraged me to be organised and to plan my future to ensure the courses of my choice suit my future plans so i can use them as a platform to further my career and education within the media industry.
My course choices all focus on media and in particular post production, i have individually looked into the courses and their main concept to fully understand them and how they would fit me personally and understand the requirements and curriculum.
I personally think i am suited very well for these courses as i work well within team activities but can independently study and produce my own projects to the best of my ability while trying new ideas and working hard to achieve i can learn from and be proud of.
I have many personal hobbies including personal media projects, working with other professional media students on their projects, i also have a strong passion for music; I play piano, guitar and sing while occasionally working on original pieces of music.
I have a creative social life, meeting creative people and always being in an inspiring environment for future projects and being fully supported by friends and family to pursue my future media career, always having help for projects and any work experience oppertunities.
From the age of 16 i have been in part time work alongside my college education such as waitressing at a local cafe, babysitting; which provides responsibility and organisational skills, working in retail as a small store assistant giving me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and gain alot of people skills and build my cv and i currently work at Starbucks coffee shop as a Barista and have gained so many new skills and has helped me progress my skills in catering and has inspired me to make more projects with the interesting people i meet and work with.
To elaborate more on my future plans i fully intend on focusing as much of my studies on post-production and camera work and to gain a place as an apprentice or an intern while studying at university to gain more experience in the industry and to further my education and hopefully gain a full time position after i have finished my education and to move up the media industry to inspire people with my work and to move into free lance media and to finally open a media company to help and inspire other young media students to gain experience in the industry and to give them a platform to build their own media career and to have a creative team to work with on new and innovative projects for the future.​

Ted talk – marketing research

We have been asked to research into a Tv show of our choice and to research in detail how they promote and advertise their product; We have chosen stranger things as it is current and has a lot of different advertising types.

TV advert: As this show is screened on netflix their isn’t promotion on Tv but they do have a trailer promoting the show in all different countries and promoting netflix as a better way to view tv shows and movies.

Posters and billboards:

They have billboards posted in Australia and Canada and have